4" Bottom Suction On Demand Submersible Pump - 3/4 HP

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Automatic Bottom Suction Pump


Convenient and energy saving pump equipped with an innovative automatic on/off function. The stainless steel housing with the built in motor flow inducer allows for long term and safe operation in water from depths of 9 inches to 150 feet. Convenient and practical the Strom BSP-010PF is ideal for cisterns, tanks and hundreds of other uses. Incorporating both a built in pressure and flow switch the innovative automatic on/off function turns the pump on when pressure drops and turns off the pump when flow stops without the need for a pressure tank and external pressure switch. All you need is 115v GFIC protected power and the pump does the rest!

Requirements: Must use a Normally Open / Pump Down Float Switch with this pump for dry run protection. A 2 or 4 Gallon Pressure Tank is also strongly recommended to reduce pump cycling.

Note: This pump MUST be used with a pressure tank. 5 Gallon is recommended.

Model: BSP007PF (3/4 HP)


4” Noryl® Impellers

304 Stainless Steel Housing

.75 Motor - 3/4 HP

2 Wire, 115 volts, 60 Hz

1" NPT Outlet

Minimum operating depth: 3“

Maximum operating depth: 150’ 

Pump Body 3.8” dia.

Optional Bottom Riser 4.8” dia.

BSP007PF is rated at 600W. 600W/115V = 5.22 Amps

BSP 4" Bottom Suction Pump - Spec Sheet
BSP 4" Bottom Suction Pump - Brochure
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