DAB Diver 6 M-A 600 / 700 / 800

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Product Overview

DAB Diver 6” multi-impeller submersible pump for clean water, designed for pressurization, rainwater re-use, gardening and irrigation in residential building service.
The pump is ideal for use in rainwater recovery systems and to increase the water pressure. Available as an automatic model with a float switch for protection against dry running without the need for a control panel, the Diver 6 pump has a built-in starting capacitor, and the motor has integrated overheating protection. Equipped with a stainless steel debris filter, non-return valve, and a 49 ft power cable with 115V power plug.

Includes a lifting handle and rope for lowering the pump into the tank or cistern.
The Diver 6 pump comes standard with a four-section step fitting and a 1" M/F check valve.

Max. flow rate: From 4.4 to 23.8 GPM(1 m3/h to 5,4 m3/h)

Electrical: 115V

DIVER 6 600 M-A = 5.5 Amps

DIVER 6 700 M-A = 7.7 Amps

DIVER 6 800 M-A = 9.3 Amps

Max. head: 151 ft (46 m)

P2 Power range: from 1/2 to 1 Hp (0.4 kW up to 0.71 kW) single-phase

Max. immersion depth: 39 ft (12 m)




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