Discontinued. See the Grundfos SBA 3-45 A or SBA 3-45 AW

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Product Overview

The M and MW version of the SBA pump have been discontinued. Consider the Grundfos SBA 3-45 A or SBA 3-45 AW as an alternative.


The Grundfos SBA is a complete all-in-one unit. It is built on the proven SB platform, but comes with an integrated control unit – eliminating the need for an external pump controller.

The SBA is literally a plug- and pump solution. Once installed and connected to the piping, all you need to do is switch on the pump.

Model SBA-3-45 MW includes Floating Filter. Model SBA-3-45 does not.

Features and benefits:

  • 115V
  • 1 HP
  • Easy selection
  • Flexible installation
  • No controller inside the house
  • All SBA pumps are available in two main variants
  • With integrated suction strainer
  • Or with side inlet/flexible suction hose with floating suction strainer

The SBA pump is a submersible booster pump for the pumping of clean water. It is especially suitable for rainwater applications.

Although not required, a small, 2 - 4 gallon pressure tank is recommended to prevent cycling when a leak is present in the piping, extending the life of the pump. It also prevents the pump from starting/stopping when very little water is used, if a tap is only opened for a couple of seconds, for example.

Grundfos SB Submersible Pump Curves

More features and benefits:

  • Noiseless operation
  • High reliability
  • Integrated protection
  • Floating suction strainer
  • The model with floating suction strainer always draws the water from just below the water surface where the water is clean and free from solid particles
  • Simplicity
  • All-in-one unit
  • Easy installation
  • No external control unit
  • Integrated dry running protection
  • Automatic restart after dry-running
  • Lifting eye
  • Outlet adapter included: Plastic adapter screws into the top outlet adapter & provides connections to 1" NPT, garden hose thread, and 1" hose barbs.


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