Water Softener Systems

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Product Overview

Water softeners are important but commonly misunderstood devices. The most common use of water softeners is for the removal of the ions calcium and magnesium that lead to scale buildup. This can cause staining on fixtures and spotting on glassware. Hard water also can cause soap to not lather well and hot water appliances to experience deposit buildup that can shorten their lifespans. Soft water is better for plumbing but does cause your water to have elevated sodium levels. Reverse osmosis water systems go well with water softeners as they remove the salt content that the softener adds.

The softeners we sell use the Fleck 5600. The Fleck 5600 is a simple and easy to use control valve that is very reliable and is designed to perform for several years. The remaining parts are heavy duty and industry standard.

The standard package uses the standard timer control. These regenerate on a regular basis on a schedule that is pre-selected by the owner and so are fully automatic.

Note: New softeners come with resin.


You can optionally upgrade your control valve to the Fleck 5600 “Econominder” Meter Model. This meter valve regenerates according to usage instead of on a schedule.

You can also choose to upgrade to the Fleck 5600 SXT Electronic Meter. This valve also regenerates according to usage but is programmed electronically.