Grundfos CME 1 PLUS (Cast Iron) Constant Pressure Pump System (1 to 12 GPM @ Adjustable 10 to 34 psi)

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Product Overview

ATTENTION: These Grundfos VFD pumps typically have long lead times, although we do often keep a few of them in stock. As a viable alternative, consider the DAB ESYBOX variable speed pumps instead, and save time and money. NO LEAD TIMES on the DAB ESYBOX. Same 2 year warranty. And the performance curve (gallons per minute and PSI) closely resembles the Grundfos CMBE pumps. DAB ESYBOX pumps are IN STOCK and can usually ship the SAME DAY the order is placed!

For pump sizing assistance, give us a call to make sure you are selecting the correct pump for your needs. 877-331-7008

NOTE: Fixed Shipping Rate not available in Hawaii or Alaska.

CME Plus pumps are built on the basis of CME pumps. In addition to the features of a standard CME, the CME plus includes a pressure sensor, expansion tank, and discharge piping making it a complete package ready for constant pressure applications.

The CME Plus provides constant water pressure for a variety of domestic applications. This means that the end-user is no longer bothered by fluctuations in water pressure due to a rise or fall in demand, or from pump starts and stops. CME Plus keeps the pressure within the home up regardless of usage. The constant pressure feature provides the benefit of increased comfort.

In addition the CME Plus makes it possible to personalize the water pressure. By the touch of a button the pressure level is increased or decreased as desired.

The CME Plus incorporates a stop function ensuring that the pump automatically stops if the water demand drops to a very low level or disappears altogether. The method gives good total operating economy irrespective of the water demand, and the pump is not subjected to overheating and the subsequent risk of damage to the shaft seal.

Features and benefits

  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  • Service-friendly
  • Wide performance range
  • Low noise level
  • High-performance hydraulics
  • Electro-coated cast-iron parts
  • Grundfos motor
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Installation and Operating Instructions
Product Guide
Data Booklet

Model HP PH Voltage Part #
CME 1-4 Plus  0.75 1 200-240V 98536057
CME 1-5 Plus 1.5 1 200-240V 98536058

Performance Table

CME Model

Rated Flow GPM

PSI @ Rated Flow

Rated Flow GPM

PSI @ Rated Flow
1-4 1 to 8

adjustable 10 -53 psi

9 to 13 adjustable 10 - 27 psi
1-5 1 to 8 adjustable 10 - 66 psi 9 to 13 adjustable 10 - 34 psi