Grundfos Pumps


Both Grundfos submersible and surface water pumps are used to transport water from a rainwater storage tank to the end user. These pumps add the necessary pressure to boost the harvested rainwater water from the storage tank to its exit point.

Grundfos submersible and surface water pumps are available with the option of automatic controllers. Pump controllers are used to start and stop the pumps automatically whenever a faucet or valve is opened. To prevent dry-running, the pump controllers are also used to automatically shut off the pump when the rain harvesting tank is empty.

Rain Harvesting Supplies specializes in offering Grundfos submersible and surface water pumps — a favorite among customers for being reliable, compact, quiet, and user friendly. In addition, most pumps come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Grundfos submersible and surface water pumps are among the most reliable and efficient water pumps available. From submersible clean water pumps, such as SQE and SQ, to surface pressure pumps, such as CME, CM, CR, and CRE, Grundfos water pumps are dependable and efficient. About 80% of the cost of owning a pressure water pump is the electricity used to run the pump. Grundfos water pumps are manufactured to be so efficient that you can save thousands of dollars a year on electricity.

Grundfos submersible pumps, such as the SQ, SQE, SP, AP Unilift, KP Unilift, and CC Unilift pumps, set Grundfos apart in the industry. From the quality of the AP Unilift, KP Unilift, and CC Unilift, to the high efficiency of the SQ, and SQ Smart Flow submersible constant pressure pump systems, Grundfos submersible pump systems are the right choice when choosing a submersible water pump or constant pressure pump system. Whether you need a replacement pump or a brand new pump as part of your rainwater harvesting system, we probably have the pump you need in stock today.


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