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Submersible water pumps are used to power the water pressure of your harvested rainwater, directing the water where you need it to go at the ideal pressure flow you need. Submersible pumps are a quieter option compared to above ground pumps.

Many submersible water pumps allow you to adjust the water pressure in a variety of ways. For the most part, adjustments in water pressure are handled automatically by the pump itself.

In some submersible water pumps you can control the water pressure automatically with a controller, or manually without a controller. Other pumps maintain a constant water pressure, making adjustments as needed.

Made from composite and stainless-steel materials, submersible water pumps are resistant to corrosion. A stainless-steel strainer prevents the pumps from clogging by keeping large particles out.

Pumps are designed to draw water from just below the tank surface, which is where the stored  water is cleanest and free from solid debris.

Most submersible water pumps adapt to different types of rainwater harvesting systems, so choosing the right pump depends on your needs.

To determine which pump is best for you and your system, we invite you to browse through our products below. Each product page contains a full product guide, informational videos, and any other piece of documentation you may need to help you make an informed decision.

In addition, we offer a number of accessories to allow for even further customization of your submersible pump.

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