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About PIONEER® Water Storage Tanks
The Ideal Choice for Your Independent Water Supply PIONEER® tanks are the most sought after tank for domestic water storage. Using a time-tested Australian design, PIONEER® Home & Ranch water tanks provide a proven, high quality product for a wide range domestic uses including fire protection, rainwater harvesting, seasonal creek harvesting, well water storage, livestock watering, long-term potable water storage, etc. If you need to store a large volume of water, PIONEER® is likely going to be your best option. The PIONEER® water storage tank is known for being the best balance between quality and affordability. Whether the water is needed for the household, agriculture or fire protection, water is the most valuable asset on the land. When you purchase a PIONEER® Water Storage Tank, you're also getting peace of mind.

Pioneer water tanks have been trusted for almost 30 years as a water tank solution for all types of applications. An Australia-based company, PIONEER® water tanks were originally built to withstand the country’s harsh conditions. PIONEER® water tanks feature the patented, high quality, woven, Aqualiner water storage liner, which offers an industry leading solution for long-term water storage. PIONEER® water tanks are built using a combination of the best proven technology and the highest quality materials available. The Pioneer brand of water tanks are trusted by customers in over 35 countries because they’re known to be built to last.


  • Readily available water storage tanks range from 3,000 gallons up to 65,000 gallons. Lead times are generally 2-4 weeks from order date.
  • Tank capacities of more than 100K Gallons are also available with 90-120 day lead times.
  • XL Series tanks include: Galvalume Tank Body, Trusses and Roof Sheets, Top Hoop, Aqualiner, Geotext Underlay, Lockable Roof Access Hatch and Ladder, 2” Outlet with Ball Valve, 6” Overflow, Inlet Basket Strainer for rainwater catchment (a 2" threaded, top sidewall fitting may be used in lieu of the basket strainer in well applications), and Sacrificial Anodes for rust prevention.
  • AQUALINER® water storage liners provides a flexible, long lasting and high quality tank system.
  • Innovative, fully enclosed bolt cap hides bolts on outside of tank for a more aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Standard 20 year warranty (Conditions apply)
  • Equipped with roof to reduce evaporation & provide a barrier against foreign matter.
  • Residential tanks are designed to be constructed on a 6" deep sand pad with a rock border around the perimeter to prevent erosion.
    (In some cases, concrete ring beam foundations are recommended.)
  • Meets National Fire Protection standards
  • Note: The cost per gallon decreases as the number of gallons increases 


Gallons Range: 3,000 - 65,000 gallon tanks are readily available (Typically a 2-4 week lead time)
Dimensions: Depends on capacity. All 2-ring, ranch/residential tanks are 7' 2" tall and come in different diameters
Approvals & Certifications: NSF/ANSI 61
Installation: Field erected by an authorized Pioneer installation crew
Warranty: 20 year (Conditions apply)





(Height 7' 2")


XL01 8' 10 3,249 
XL04 11' 5,076
XL08 15' 5" 9,907
XL15 22' 20,243
XL23 26' 4" 29,093
XL30 30' 9" 39,626
XL40 35' 2"  51,863
XL50 39' 6"













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The Aqualiner® has earned the reputation of being the best liner in the water tank industry. Unlike liners in other water tanks, the Aqualiner® is made from a reinforced fabric with a woven center layer for strength and durability. AQUALINER® water storage liners feature five material layers bonded permanently together by hot melt laminating the layers under pressure, creating a homogenous single liner. It is virtually impossible for the layers to separate under normal conditions. The closed protected environment that exists under the PIONEER® dome roof tanks is ideal. No harmful ultraviolet light, and no liner movement contribute to a long life span for AQUALINER® water storage liners. 

The AQUALINER® water storage liner is ANSI/NSF 61 certified, and made with NSF Certified Drinking Water System Components. This certification demonstrates that the AQUALINER® water storage liner has been rigorously tested by an independent body to internationally accepted standards. As a result, AQUALINER® water storage liners meet the requirements for stored water intended for human consumption.



Only the highest quality Zincalume® and Colorbond® steel is used in Pioneer® Water Tanks, providing unmatched durability that no other tank manufacturer can offer- that’s why Pioneer® Tanks last longer than any other brand.

Next generation Zincalume® steel’s patented Activate™ technology introduces magnesium into the aluminium-zinc alloy coating, improving galvanic protection by activating the aluminium. The result is a tougher protective coating that's more resistant to scratches and scuffs encountered during construction.


Made of the highest-quality Zincalume® steel and protected by a sacrificial anode system, Pioneer® tanks were designed with a 30-year service life in mind and are the most resistant steel tanks to corrosion. Replacing the anodes every 10 years will ensure that the tank walls stay strong and sturdy.All Pioneer® Tanks are professionally installed and come with an industry leading 20-year warranty on the entire tank, giving you peace of mind that your water storage will be around to serve your future needs.

With over 20 years of proven performance in harsh climates around the world, Pioneer® water tanks live up to the high expectations of people who care about the quality of their water supply.



Standard Sizes (shown below) are typically, readily available and can usually be installed in 2- 4 weeks from order date. Non standard tank sizes require 90-120 day lead time.
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL01 - 3,249 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL04 - 5,076 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL08 - 9,907 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL15 with fascia - 20,243 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL23 - 29,093 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL30 - 39,626 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL40 with fascia - 51,785 Gallons (above)
Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL50 - 65,567 Gallons (above)
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You may also email a request for quote to
Please include desired Pioneer Tank model number, city, state, zip and phone #.
Adding a Fascia upgrade (shown above) to a Pioneer water storage tank is an aesthetic enhancement to the overall appearance of the water storage tank. The fascia hides the corrugated hills and valleys that are visible between the roof sheets and the top of the sidewall giving the water storage tank a more finished look. The fascia is not required for the structural integrity of the water storage tank.


Note: All Pioneer Water Tanks must be installed by an Authorized Installer. The factory-trained, authorized installation team is able to install your tank almost anywhere. Remote locations and difficult terrain are typically not a problem. All installers are fully trained and have extensive experience building PIONEER® tanks in diverse environmental conditions. Unlike large prefabricated tanks, which can be cost prohibitive to transport, difficult to handle, and often require machines to unload from the transport vehicle to set in place, PIONEER® water tanks are palletized for easy transport. All parts of the tank can be manually unloaded and transported to nearby installation sites if needed. This dramatically reduces the cost of transport and installation, making PIONEER® water tanks the most affordable choice when all costs are calculated. The installation process is managed by your local Authorized Dealer, Rainwater Equipment LLC. It is their job to contact you prior to delivery to confirm your site conditions. Rainwater Equipment LLC will also confirm an installation date, weather permitting and will coordinate the delivery and installation of your new tank. It is preferable that you or your representative be on site when the installation crew arrives to ensure that the tank is oriented correctly. The inlet, outlet and overflow will be positioned in the most convenient position.
Video above is of a Pioneer Water Storage Tank Model XL15 - 20,243 Gallons
Call for Quote: 817-246-4567
You may also email a request for quote to
Please include desired Pioneer Tank model number, city, state, zip and phone #.


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