On Demand Water Pumps

Above ground pumps are used to move water from a rainwater storage tank to the end user. These pumps provide the necessary pressure to boost the harvested rainwater water from the storage tank to its exit point.

You can create complete rainwater delivery systems with on demand water pumps and their built-in pump controllers. Pump controllers are used to start and stop the pumps automatically whenever a faucet or valve is opened. To prevent dry-running, the pump controllers also are used to automatically shut off the pump when the rain harvesting tank is empty.

Grundfos On Demand Water Pumps

Rain Harvesting Supplies specializes in offering Grundfos pumps — a favorite among customers because they are reliable, compact, quiet, and user friendly. Most water  pumps come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Grundfos’ on demand water pumps are among the most reliable and efficient water pumps available. Grundfos water pumps are also known for being dependable and efficient. About 80% of the cost of owning a pressure water pump is the electricity used to run it. Grundfos water pumps are manufactured to be so efficient that you can save thousands of dollars a year on electricity.

Grundfos on demand water pumps are the right choice for your rainwater harvesting system. Whether you need a replacement pump or a brand new pump for your system, we probably have the pump you need in stock today.

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