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Rainwater Harvesting and Submersible Pump Systems

Below, you will find our selection of pump packages, including rainwater harvesting pump systems and submersible pump systems.

Both above ground pumps and submersible pumps send water from a rainwater storage tank to the end user. These pumps add the necessary pressure to boost the harvested rainwater water from the storage tank to its exit point.

Above ground and submersible rainwater harvesting pump systems are available with the option of automatic controllers. Pump controllers are used to start and stop the pumps automatically whenever a faucet or valve is opened. To prevent dry-running, the pump controllers also are also used to automatically shut off the pump when the rain harvesting tank is empty.

Rain Harvesting Supplies specializes in offering Grundfos pumps — a favorite among customers for being reliable, compact, quiet, and user friendly. In addition, most pumps come with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Difference Between Above Ground and Submersible Rainwater Harvesting Pump Systems

Submersible pump systems are much quieter than their above ground counterparts. That’s the most immediately obvious difference between them.

Another difference is that submersible pump systems draw in water from just below the surface. This is the cleanest part of a body of water since it contains the least debris and solid particles — debris sinks and particles float.

Whether you’re after one of our above ground or submersible pump systems, we offer a number of accessories to customize either type.


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