CM Booster 3-4 BASIC - On Demand 1HP Pump (110V)

37.00 LBS
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Professional, Standard
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Product Overview

With a CM Booster, complex operation and cryptic parameters are a thing of the past. The Grundfos CM 3-4 Pump combined with the PM1 Pressure Manager provides adjustable pressure settings. The CM Booster BASIC comes with the PM1 which provides basic flexibility as where the PM2 that comes with the other RH Boosters provides all around control.

You are in control with regards to selecting the water pressure you prefer for pump start-up.


  • Compact
  • Easy installation
  • High reliability
  • Wide performance range
  • Automatic resetting of alarms
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Dry-running protection
  • Anti cycling (leakage detection)
  • Maximum continuous operating time


  • Low noise level
  • Grundfos motor

Pressure Manager

  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible power supply
  • Internal pressure tank
  • Power-on indication
  • Pump running indication
  • Alarm indication
  • Dry-running protection
  • Rotary outlet connection


Performance Curve

CM Booster flow and pressure compared to Grundfos MQ 3-45



About the CM 3-4

The Grundfos CM pump has been created with compactness, flexibility and reliability as its central features. This horizontal multistage close-coupled pump is a compact, reliable and quiet pump designed to work in a variety of applications.

CM pumps are fitted with mains-operated motors.

A Grundfos engineered mechanical shaft seal has been designed to eliminate industry-wide problems with shaft seals sticking where SIC-SIC seal faces are used.  The solution builds on both the implementation of a rotation stop on the stationary ring and different surface finishing on both the stationary and rotating rings.


The Grundfos CM is designed to be used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Washing and cleaning (washing machines)
  • Water treatment
  • Temperature control (heating/cooling)
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Building services
  • Irrigation


About the PM1

The PM1 pressure manager is an intelligent controller for your pump that works in accordance with consumption in domestic water supply and booster systems. 

The PM1 is suitable for applications where start/stop of the pump according to consumption is required. It is the basic flexibility solution, offering pump start from 1.5 or 2.2 bar.

The pump is started when the start pressure is reached, and keeps running as long as there is flow. PM1 provides dry-running protection and a cycling alarm for increased safety. It features the usual Grundfos quality, which guarantees high flexibility, robust electronics and long life.


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