Self Cleaning Water Pre-Tank Filters

Self cleaning water pre-tank filters are used to cleanse your harvested rainwater of dirt, debris, and organic matter.

Self cleaning pre-tank filters are necessary to keep the tank clean, and will help to produce higher quality water with less maintenance.  

Rain Harvesting Supplies carries two types of self cleaning pre-tank filters: Vortex Fine Filter and Purain.


More Info About Our Self Cleaning Water Pre-Tank Filters

Vortex Fine Filter

These filters offer a unique construction that allows rainwater to be collected and dirt to be separated at the same time. Vortex fine filters boast stable construction, high water-collection efficiency, and absolute drainage safety.

Vortex fine filters are built for domestic and industrial use, for installation into horizontal rainwater-pipes below ground or inside buildings. These filters are almost entirely self-cleaning, making them very low maintenance.

Purain Filters

Purain filters feature exclusive hydraulic jump technology that cleans itself automatically. The design of Purain filters allows you to observe how the hydraulic jump functions as the water makes its way through the filter. Purain filters are designed for roof areas of single family homes, commercial buildings and municipal structures.

These filters are designed to filter rainwater coming off roofing. Samples analyzed through extensive testing have confirmed that this produces an excellent quality of water. The harvested rainwater is best suited for flushing toilets, in the washing machine, and for garden irrigation.


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