Maelstrom™ Rainwater with Shark Cage Filter

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Product Overview

Maelstrom™ with Shark Cage Filter

Our best ever rainwater filter just got better.

100% capture @ 10 Liters/second at 180 microns – it does not get any better than that!

No more external bag filter – one single screen stainless steel filter.

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter builds on our original Maelstrom design, with an unmatched water catchment efficacy.

The Shark Cage filter effortlessly filters massive amounts of water to give you the best quality water in your tank. It's even better than the standard Maelstrom – the super fine stainless steel mesh screen allows leaves and debris to be pushed out of the way which means less splashing and more water capture.

The single skin screen is also far easy to maintain, so you can keep your system performing at it's peak.

Stringently tested and developed to ensure the absolute maximum in rainwater capture and leaf rejection, the Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter offers the same level of super-fine filtration that the original Maelstrom does, with the added bonus of a significant increase in water capture, to deliver more water to your rainwater tank.

Size 100mm

High water catchment

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter delivers large volumes of clean rainwater to your tank, giving you unrivalled performance and rainwater catchment. By preventing leaves, debris and other unwanted materials from entering your rainwater system, water can move through your downpipes faster, more freely and without blockages. With less inhibitors in your system, you will capture more rainwater.

Super-fine rainwater filtration

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter will filter rainwater to 180 micron to deliver high-quality, clean water directly to your storage tank, making it ready for use. The unrivalled, super-fine filtration of the Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter provides you with the comfort and peace of mind in knowing that your rainwater catchments will be receiving superb filtration to prevent unwanted particles and matter from entering your system.

Easy to maintain

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter can be very quickly and easily cleaned, reducing overall maintenance and helping to keep your system intact. The single skin, stainless steel mesh filter can be easily removed for fast cleaning, keeping leaves and debris out of your system entirely. Easily reattached when cleaning is complete, your system will stay working as required and deliver you plenty of clean rainwater.

How it works

  • Water enters the system through an inlet, before filtering through the super fine Shark Cage Filter.
  • The unique design of the filter knocks the energy out of the water, allowing it to then fall into your tank.
  • Leaves and debris are pushed to the side, and in many instances will wash out the dirty water outlet on the top, providing a level of self cleaning.
  • Huge water catchment with incredibly fine filtration.
Overflow Configuration Options:
Maelstrom Filter Overflow Options

Installation Types

-Tank Top
-In Tank
-Wall Mounted
-Stormwater Pit

Suitable for just about anywhere.

-Residential properties
-Remote areas & farmsteads
-Commercial & local retail
-Schools & universities
-Sustainable living & green buildings
-Transportation hubs

It tackles the big issues.

Filtering multiple lines at a single point is a simple way to keep tanks filled to the max.

  • Having enough water.
  • Filtering leaves and debris.
  • Removing suspended particles.
  • Securing the tank to keep out pests (including mosquitoes) and sunlight (to prevent algae growth).
  • Easy maintenance.

Easy install on systems new & old.

Filtering multiple lines at a single point is a simple way to keep tanks filled to the max.

  • Tank Top
  • In-Tank
  • In-Ground
  • Wall Mounted

Insist on a clear, colorless, odorless and plentiful rain water supply.

Cleaning the Shark Cage filter

Maelstrom Brochure
Installation Instructions