Maelstrom™ Rainwater Shark Cage Replacement Filter

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Product Overview

MaelstromShark Cage Filter Upgrade

Boost your Maelstrom's performance with the Shark Cage Filter Upgrade.

The stainless steel Shark Cage filter provides the same level of fine filtration, but with the benefit of greater water catchment efficiency, and far easier cleaning, than our original Maelstrom.
The single skin stainless steel mesh is slippery and makes it difficult for leaves and debris to get caught. The single skin is also a breeze to backwash - no bags to remove, just hose it and replace.
More amazing quality water in your tank with less fuss. Simply swap your original filter for the Shark Cage upgrade.

High water catchment

The Maelstrom with Shark Cage Filter delivers large volumes of clean rainwater to your tank, giving you unrivalled performance and rainwater catchment. By preventing leaves, debris and other unwanted materials from entering your rainwater system, water can move through your downpipes faster, more freely and without blockages. With less inhibitors in your system, you will capture more rainwater.

How to clean the Shark Cage filter