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Water Filtration
Nothing determines the quality of your water more than the filters you use! Removing contaminants and unwanted particulates in your water is easily achieved with our wide selection of water filtration products. Which filter you’ll need is determined by the type of contaminant or particles you want to remove. In a rainwater harvesting system, filters are divided into a few major categories: pre-tank filtration, in tank filtration, pre-pump filtration, and post pump filtration.

The quality of your water stored in the tank is determined by the pre-tank filtration. Pre-tank filters should remove all particles from at least 1000 microns all the way down to 300 microns. This is easily achieved by gutter filters, downspout filters, basket filters, vortex filters, or hydraulic jump filters. Some pre-tank filters can be installed inside the tank as well. In tank filtration is a specialized type of stored water filtration and is not required on all stored water tanks. Pre-pump filtration further reduces the particles in the water by filtering the water before it leaves the tank, promoting a long productive life from your pump. The last level of filtration, post pump filtration, is determined by the intended water use. Water intended for landscape irrigation can be filtered down to about 100 Microns after leaving the pump. Water intended for domestic water supply or commercial or industrial processes will require additional filtration determined by the particular end use of the water. Post pump filtration can include carbon filtration, sediment filtration, UV filtration, reverse osmosis, and/or water softeners, and most of these are available as point of entry filtration systems and point of use filtration systems.   

Technology that improves the water quality but does not actually remove particles from the water is called water treatment, which includes UV filtration, ozonation, and chlorination. Check out our wide selection of water treatment products, including UV Filters.

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