First Flush Delta In-Ground 100mm / 4 Inch

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Product Overview

A high volume first flush diverter, designed specifically for inground applications. Divert the dirtiest water and transform your rain harvesting system from “wet” to “dry” with this large volume inground first flush diverter.

The unique manifold design uses standard 100mm or 4" pipe to create a high capacity storage and diversion chamber for your first flush. Using these smaller pipe sizes makes it easier to source pipe and assemble the system, when compared to using large diameter pipe on traditional high volume diverters.

Divert Large volumes of water, easily

Easily divert large volumes of water with Delta's unique manifold design which only requires you to use smaller diameter pipe.

Ultimate First Flush control

By setting the regularity of your first flush diversion, you can optimise how often your First Flush Diverter drains.

Easy Maintenance

The large opening on the valve reduces the chance of clogging when compared to a traditional slow release valve.

Just add pipe

The First Flush Delta In-Ground comes with all fittings you need to set the system up. Just add the pipe to create the storage chamber.


Divert Large volumes of water, easily

Standard large format First Flush Diverters require you to use large diameter pipe (eg, 300mm / 12"). It can be difficult to source in smaller lengths and can be expensive.

The Delta's unique manifold design uses lengths of 100mm or 4" pipe instead, so sourcing the pipe to make the chamber is easier. It means you can assemble your First Flush Diverter quicker, to get the job done.

Each 1 meter of length in the Delta = 73 L diversion.
Each 1 yard of length in the Delta = 17.5 gal diversion.

Less maintenance and clogging

Traditional First Flush Diverter valves have a tendency to clog over time - they only have a tiny hole so it is inevitable. The release valve on the Delta First Flush includes a unique funnel design and a much larger draining hole, which means that water drains as it's supposed to and there is far less chance of the unit becoming clogged.

Prevent anaerobic fermentation

In-Ground diverters periodically drain the water-filled pipes in your “wet” rain harvesting system to prevent anaerobic fermentation and stop fermented water contaminating the rainwater in your tank. This drained water can then be released or used to water your garden.

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