15 GPM Blackcomb LBH5-Z22 All-in-one UV/Filtration System with Digital Screen Controller 5.1

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Product Overview

NSF 55 includes both Class "A" systems, which require a minimum UV dose of 40mj, for use with waters that are assumed to be contaminated, and Class "B" systems, which require a dose of 16mj. Class "B" systems are only intended to provide supplemental disinfection of non-pathogenic nuisance organisms on water supplies that are otherwise considered potable.

LUMINOR’s new line of rack-mounted UV/filtration systems offer the convenience of an all-in-one package making installation a simple “in & out” connection. Designed to effectively treat flow rates of 15 gpm, LUMINOR’s rack-mounted UV’s provide the required 5 micron pretreatment with the option of a full-flow, carbon filter to treat taste and odor. Installation of a UV system has never been easier with an innovative design that allows for inlet water to enter the filters from either the right or left side of the unit. Based on LUMINOR’s groundbreaking modular UV systems, the rack-mount UV’s offer the flexibility of being “factory ready” to accept a UV Intensity Module in the future if so desired. The BLACKCOMB plug-and-play platform has the most advanced residential controller on the market with a color screen user interface giving a multitude of screens displaying diagnostics, status, warnings and even QR codes for a link back to LUMINOR’s website.

• NEW filter design, includes new one-piece, 2-sump design for leak free operation, (pressure relief, wrench, and new integral hanging clip included with all systems) 
• NEW LED lamp countdown (4.1 variants) 
• NEW controller with Lightlock™ technology for protected lamp sales (5.1 variants) 
• Universal mounting configuration (left or right access) 
• NSF component listed filtration cartridges (included with systems) 
• “Future-proof” expandability port for future upgrades and options 
• Axial flow, 316L stainless steel polished reactors, fully polished, designed & manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standards 
• Reliable, industry proven, coated UV lamps, (9,000 hour life on LB4/5 series and 10,000 hour life on LBH4/5 series) 
• Full customization available as an option (language, home screen, phone, QR codes, etc.)

• 20" 5 micron sediment filter cartridge | 25/1 dual gradient polypropylene cartridge 25 micron pre-filter; 1-micron post-filter for the reduction of dirt/rust & sediment
Pressure drop of <1 psi @ 10 gpm

• 20" 5 micron high capacity carbon filter cartridge for taste/odor treatment | Pressure drop of <5.5 psi @ 5 gpm

Replacement Parts:

  • Lamp: RL-420HO
  • Quartz Sleeve: RQ-420

LBH5-Z22 Spec Sheet
LBH5-Z22 User Manual 



Warranty Information

LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT Products manufactured by LUMINOR Environmental Inc. (LUMINOR) are warranted to the original user only to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period as specified below. This warranty only applies to the original purchaser and is not transferable.