16" Solar Shield

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Product Overview

16" Tank Solar Screen for rainwater harvesting tanks.

Designed to fit under your tank screen, our Solar Shield’s patented design blocks sunlight to prevent algae growth. Its cleverly designed fins evenly distribute and calm the water flow into your tank, minimizing sediment resuspension and ensuring that water stays at its best.Unless rainwater enters the rain barrel or tank/cistern through pipes that are connected directly to the top or side of the rain barrel or tank/cistern, you must ensure all water passes through a tank screen at tank entry point. The tank screen must include a non-corrosive screen of not more than 0.04″ to keep mosquitoes and pests out.

This 16" Solar Screen is typically installed in the top of a rainwater collection tank in tandem with a tank screen. Adding a Solar Screen helps prevent sunlight from entering the tank which reduces the amount of algae growth in the rainwater tank significantly. The Solar Screen has openings as part of the base of the shield that allow the rainwater to make its way into the tank while keeping most sunlight out. 

Note: Filter basket in pictures is not included.