3,249 Gallon - Pioneer Water Storage Tank -

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Product Overview

XL 01/2 3,000 Gallon - Pioneer Water Storage Tank, Zinc



  • The Liner System Advantage™
  • Water storage tanks range from 3,000 gallons up to 700,000 gallons.
  • XL Series tanks include: Galvalume Tank Body, Trusses and Roof Sheets, Top Hoop, Aqualiner, Geotex Underlay, Lockable Roof Access Hatch and Ladder, 2” Outlet with Ball Valve, 6” Overflow, Inlet Basket Strainer, Sacrificial Anodes.
  • AQUALINER® water storage liner provides a flexible, long lasting and high quality tank system.
  • Innovative, fully enclosed bolt cap offers an aesthetic appeal.
  • Comes standard with a 20 year warranty (Conditions apply) and a high level of aftermarket service.
  • Equipped with roofs to reduce evaporation & provide a barrier against foreign matter.
  • Residential range of tanks are designed to sit on a 6" minimum thickness sand pad, meaning minimal site preparation and can be installed in difficult or remote sites.
  • Meets National Fire Protection standards 


Example of Rainwater Collection "wet system" in which PVC downspouts 
collect rainwater that makes its way into the top of the collection tank.
Note that not all systems are alike, as there are many variables to consider.
Hydraulic calculations should be performed by a rainwater collection
installation professional when designing your system.

Pioneer Tank House Schematic


 Approvals & Certifications: NSF/ANSI 61

 Installation: Field erected by an authorized Pioneer professional

 Warranty: 20 year (Conditions apply)



Brochure & Installation

Pioneer Tank Capacity Chart
Owner's/Maintenance Manual


Height7' 2"

Diameter8' 10

Capacity: 3,249 gallons