31,078 Gallon - Aqualine Water Storage Tank - Model 2702S

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Product Overview

Aqualine Model 2702S
Proudly manufactured in Texas from American steel and comes with the highest quality potable water liner manufactured by Bartlett.
20 Year Manufacturer Warranty

27' Diameter x 14' 9" Height

Aqualine Model 2702S Dimension Drawing


• 2” Outlet and Ball Valve
• 6” Overflow Assembly with Down Pipe & Flapper
• 24” Access Hatch
• Leaf Filter Basket for Rainwater Collection (May be substituted with a top/sidewall bulkhead fitting for filling with well water)
• Liner Underlayment

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*Note: When emailing your request, please include the location of the project, and let us know what the water will be used for.

Short Lead Times: Typically 3-4 weeks

STANDARD 30 Degree Pitched ROOF

Our 30-degree roof delivers strength and style, with the ability to withstand 165 MPH wind speeds and 30 PSF snow loads. Available on tanks 6’ diameter and above, as the diameter of a tank increases, the height
of this standing seam roof will grow as well.


• Galvanized Steel Flanges 2” - 12”
• 2” Stainless Bulkhead Fittings
• Bolted Access Wall Panels
• Ladder, Ladder Block Off, 
Ladder Safety Cage
• Anti-Vortex Assembly
• Mechanical Level Indicators
• Rural FDC Connections
• FDC Connections
• OS&Y Gate Valve


Bolts & Nuts: Grade 5
Trusses: Galvanized
Roof Screws: Hex head with sealing washer ASTM A 510
Wall Panels: .040 (20 gauge) corrugated G90 galvanized
Dome Roof Panels: 26 gauge corrugated Galvalume
30 degree Roof Panels: G90 Galvanized
Bartlett Potable Water Liner: BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
Plumbing Outlets: Poly nylon OR stainless
Ball Valves: Stainless
Flanges - Hot Dipped Galvanized


These Aqualine Tanks may either be constructed on a compacted base pad or concrete pad. Contact Rainwater Equipment for specifications. Pads are typically Not included.


Aqualine goes to great lengths to provide clients with the finest, most robust and longest lasting water tanks available. But let’s face it, a water tank is only as good as the liner that goes inside it. That’s why Aqualine exclusively partners with Bartlett Tank Liners.

Bartlett is the industry leader and makes the most durable liners in the world and they manufacture custom fitted liners for every Aqualine Water Tank.


The Bartliner® DST is a woven polyethylene, Food grade liner manufactured in Bartlett Tank Liners’ NSF-61 accredited facility. The liner is also certified for products for use in contact with drinking water.


The Bartliner® DST provides strength and integrity via its multifilament weave, unlike unsupported liners that are likely to shrink, stretch and tear in water tank applications.


Flex tested to 400,000 cycles, The Bartliner® DST withstands even the most regular fill cycles of your domestic tank.


The Bartliner® DST comes with an exclusive Double Seal Tape Welded Seam. The seal tape provides added integrity to the welded seams as well as providing an additional barrier to protect against tree root and pest intrusion.


You can trust Bartliner® DST liners are among the longest lasting, highest quality liners in the world!