DAB DConnect BOX2 115v/Nema5/15P, 230v/Nema6/15P

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Product Overview

D.Connect is the new DAB cloud service that allows you to remotely control your installations, in real time and wherever you are. It is possible to control pressurization and water management pumps, and heating or air conditioning circulators.

The D.Connect Box2 is required for connecting the pumps to the Internet. Thanks to this service, the pumps can access the I.o.T., or better, the I.o.P. (Internet of Pumps!).

D.Connect Box must be connected to the pumps to be controlled (via wireless or cable) and to a modem/router to have access to the Internet.

Visit our minisite for all the information on compatible products and the list of function:

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Warranty Information

2 year manufacturer