DAB ESYBOX DIVER - Constant Pressure Submersible Pump System (230V)

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Product Overview

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Option 1: Includes pump only.

Option 2: Includes Pump Base (DOC68) with 1 1/4" threaded side inlet connection and required Adapters for 2" Floating Filter to connect

In order to increase the set-point pressure (factory setting is 40-45 PSI) on the pump, you must have the pump and D-Connect Box on the same 230V circuit. This can either be accomplished by plugging them both into the same 230V receptacle or by cutting the plugs off of both cables and wiring them together with wire nuts directly to the single phase, 230V power source. This allows communication between the pump and controller to occur.
You must connect to the pump DConnect Box using WIFI and Bluetooth in order for the DAB D-Connect app (installed on Android or iPhone) to interface with the DConnect Box. The 2nd video below shows how to change the set point pressure.
It's usually best to take care of all of this in an indoor, WIFI friendly environment rather than waiting and attempting to do it at the installation job site. It will save you from potential frustration if you are unable to connect while on site.
Note that the pump will operate without the control box but will only do so at the preset factory pressure setting (approx. 40-45 PSI) unless the installer increases the pressure setpoint in advance. The app tends to work best with an Android device.

Set-up Videos

Here are 3 helpful Youtube video "How to" guides for the Esybox DIVER.

Esybox Diver remote connection with DConnect

How to - Esybox Diver local connection and setpoint setup

DConnect App - How to - Sign up

There's also a printed version of the Setup Guide inside the box with the pump.