Grundfos MQ-3-35 On Demand Pump - 3/4 HP

This Pump has been Discontinued. See below for the MQ Successor

30.00 LBS
Standard, Hobbyist

Product Overview

The MQ Successor 3-45 (115V) pump is currently out of stock until late March, 2024. For a limited time only, we are offering a $200 Off Coupon for the DAB ESYBOX MINI plus FREE Shipping as an alternative. Enter Coupon Code MINISAVE200 on the checkout page to take advantage of this limited time offer...while supplies last. Note: The primary difference between the two pumps is that the ESYBOX MINI offers a variable speed drive which provides constant pressure, and you can set the pressure where you want it, where the MQ Successor is a single speed pump that does not allow for pressure adjustments. Both are "on demand" pumps.

VIDEO: How to change plumbing over from a Grundfos MQ 3-35 to a Grundfos SCALA1 3-45.


MQ3-35 On Demand Pump

This very reliable, compact, all-in-one, flow-based pump is designed for boosting water pressure. Ideal for boosting from water storage tanks (maximum 40 psi inlet pressure). It is a 3/4 HP single phase 115V pump with a rated flow of up to 18 GPM at low pressure and a max operating pressure boost of 45 psi at low flow. With an average performance of 5GPM at 40PSI it is ideal for many rainwater harvesters.

This unit is ideal for pressurizing water from a water storage tank, and boosting existing low water pressure. 

  • Low noise
  • Auto-reset
  • User friendly control panel
  • Self-priming
  • Built-in, self protect function
  • No maintenance required
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Data Sheet
Installation and Operating Instructions
Product Guide
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More Details: 
The Grundfos MQ-3-45 is rated as high as 91.9ft of head. This pressure boosting system is a self-priming, multistage, centrifugal pump. It's capable of self-priming from a depth of 26 feet within 5 minutes. Well suited for pumping potable water and rain water. Easy installation. If exposed to dry running, excessive temperature, or any overload condition, the pump will stop automatically, preventing a motor burnout. Note: This pump should be used indoors or covered and insulated if used outdoors.

  Description Value
    Product name:  MQ3-35 A-B-A-BVBP
    Product No.:  96860172
    EAN:  5700312084198
    Price:  On request
    Rated flow:  13.2 US gpm
    Rated head:  59.1 ft
    Head max:  115 ft
    Shaft seal:  BVBP
    Approvals on nameplate:  CSACUS
    Curve tolerance:  ISO 9906:1999 Annex A
    Pump version:  A
    Model:  B
    Pump housing:  POM + 25% glass fiber
    Impeller:  PPO + 20% glass fiber-PTFE
    Material code:  A
    Range of ambient temperature:  32 .. 113 °F
    Maximum operating pressure:  109 psi
    Connect code:  B
    Pipe connection:  NPT 1
    Liquid temperature range:  32 .. 95 °F
  Electrical data:
    Power input - P1:  900 W
    Main frequency:  60 Hz
    Rated voltage:  1 x 110-120 V
    Rated current:  8 A
    Enclosure class (IEC 34-5):  IP54
    Insulation class (IEC 85):  B
    Length of cable:  6.56 ft
    Type of cable plug:  NEMA
    Switch:  on/off switch included
    Net weight:  30 lb
    Gross weight:  34.2 lb
    Shipping volume:  1.94 ft³
    Sales region:  Namreg