Grundfos SCALA1 5-55 High Flow On Demand Booster Pump w/ Bluetooth

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Product Overview

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SCALA1 5-55  (110V or 220V)

Product number 99631754

(A small, 2 - 4 gallon pressure tank is recommended in applications where a water heater is in place to allow for thermal expansion in the line. A small pressure tank will also prevent cycling when a leak is present in the piping, extending the life of the pump.)

Suitable for
  • Plumbing: Pressure Boosting
  • Residential groundwater intake
  • Residential water pressure boosting
  • Residential rainwater harvesting

The Grundfos SCALA1 is a fully integrated, all-in-one, self-priming, compact waterworks designed for pressure boosting in domestic and light-commercial applications, such as garden irrigation or pressure boosting to one and two family houses and apartments. In city water or well water applications, use a PRLV-20, Pressure Reducing Limit Valve on the suction side of the pump to 20 PSI to prevent inbound water from exceeding the 29 PSI max inlet pressure. In applications where pump is near the home or point of use, it may be necessary to install a PRLV-60, Pressure Reducing Limit Valve on the discharge side of the pump to reduce the outlet pressure so as not to over-pressurize pipes during low flow usage.


Product name SCALA1 5-55
Product No. 99631754
EAN 5713832222070


Rated flow 23.2 US GPM
Rated head 82.03 ft
Maximum head 180.5 ft
Primary shaft seal BVBP
Approvals for drinking water CSA DW
Curve tolerance ISO9906:2012 3B
Model A
Start pressure 40.61 psi


Pump housing Composite
Impeller Composite


Range of ambient temperature 32 .. 131 °F
Maximum operating pressure 116 psi
Maximum permissible inlet pressure 29 psi
Type of inlet connection NPT(M)
Type of outlet connection NPT(M)
Size of suction port 1 inch
Size of outlet port 1 inch
Pressure rating for connection PN 8


Pumped liquid Water
Liquid temperature range 32 .. 113 °F
Selected liquid temperature 68 °F
Density 62.29 lb/ft³

Electrical data

Length of power cable 4.92 ft
P1 max. 1250 W
Rated power - P2 1.15 HP
Main frequency 60 Hz
Rated voltage 1 x 115 V or 1x 220 V
Maximum current consumption 11.6 A
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5) X4D
Insulation class (IEC 85) F
Power plug Type B (NEMA 5-15)
  US plug 115V or 220V