Munro RP Series Pumps

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Product Overview

Designed for continuous duty water features, the Munro RP Series pumps offer high flow to horsepower ratios with low amp draw for a lower operating cost. The RP series pumps work vertically or horizontally for maximum flexibility. The option to mount the pump horizontally can provide special advantages in concealing the pump within complex decorative water features.

  • Abrasion-resistant mechanical shaft seal – protects the motor for longer life
  • Enclosed channel impeller – increases efficiency and lowers operating cost
  • Stainless steel outer case – durable and low maintenance

Recommended for: river and waterfall style decorative water features, both interior and exterior
Other uses: water transfer, wastewater, flood irrigation

Continuous duty design – These pumps are made to run! Our design takes the flow path across the motor housing to whisk away the heat generated by the motor. A cool motor means a longer life.

Low cost to own – When pumps are in continuous use, the energy use and cost can really add up! Our pumps use lower amps than our competitors, which saves power and money.

Industry leading performance to horsepower – High gallon output sets this pump apart from the crowd.