Walrus On Demand Pressure Booster Pumps (1/4, 1/2, or 1 HP)

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Product Overview

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Three Walrus pump versions are available: 1/4 hp or 1/2 hp to operate a hose or small landscape irrigation system, and 1hp for larger irrigation or whole-house systems.


  • electronic self-priming surface pressure pump
  • internal electronic pump controller
  • internal mini-pressure tank
  • totally enclosed fan-cooled motor
  • 1” female inlet/outlet
  • inlet filter recommended
  • requires rain protection
  • 1-year warranty


  • 1/4hp, 120v, 4a, 17 gpm, 31 psi max (HQ200)
  • 1/2hp, 120v, 6a, 19 gpm, 40 psi max (HQ400)
  • 1hp, 120v, 11a, 24 gpm, 67 psi max (HQ800H)

More Details:
Walrus pumps are compact, fully automatic surface pumps with internal controls that start and stop water flow in response to demand without the need for external pressure switches or flow sensing devices. The internal controls also stop the pump when dry running is detected, and then periodically attempt to re-start until water pressure is restored. A small internal pressure tank prevents pump cycling from minor leaks or drips. All are self priming and are suitable for use with both surface and underground water storage tanks provided they are installed in a well-ventilated location that is sheltered from rain and protected from flooding. Standard features include stainless-steel shafts, ceramic/ carbon mechanical seals, and 6 ft power cords. Sound levels are very low. Ideal for drip irrigation.

Performance Curve:

Walrus HQ800H Specs
Walrus HQ800H Instruction Manual