Aquatel M107-BT Wireless Level Controller

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Product Overview

Currently only available in 115VAC.


  • comes with 1m power leads with plug and socket for quick and easy installation
  • can be used to switch a pump, a solenoid, or any other device
  • unit can be setup to fill tank (from a bore), or drain the tank (for septic or transfer applications)
  • has low battery warnings, displays temperature of units and even a rapid water loss alarm
  • Long range antenna available (up to 1,000m range)

How it works
The Tank Unit is mounted on the top surface of the tank and uses ultrasonic signals to detect the fluid level inside. This is then wirelessly transmitted through the Control Unit and onto the Display Unit. The Display Unit displays the fluid level and system status on the LCD screen. The Display Unit is also used for setting the system settings such as level thresholds. This is sent back to the Control Unit to switch the pump or valve on and off depending on the tank level.




Note: When programming this unit, it must be plugged in. Battery power is sufficient later, but it must be plugged in during the initial set-up.