DAB DOC68 Boot w/ Floating Filter Connection for DTron & E.SYBOX Diver Submersible Pumps

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Product Overview

If you want an outdoor rated IP68 variable speed pump, the DOC68 permits installation of the DTron and E.SYBOX Diver even outdoors as an IP68 certified surface pump.

With this accessory and IP68 certification, the DTron & E.SYBOX Diver pumps can be installed out of the water and used as a traditional booster pump.

Includes 1 1/4" FNPT threaded connection for connecting floating filter when submerged inside of water storage or rainwater harvesting tanks. PVC Adapters for 1 1/2" and 2" Floating Filters are available by request.

Boot may also be used to allow the pump to be installed above ground and outside the tank, essentially turning the submersible DAB pump into an above ground one. Ideal for installation environments where the landscape may be prone to flooding.

DOC68 Installation Video: