Dipstik Level Gauge

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360° all-round visibility. This floating pole type water level gauge, protruding above the tank roof, is the choice for many tank owners. It is ideal for "cup and saucer" tanks. Highly visible high above the tank, the level indicator can be seen from far away, in every direction, night or day. Unaffected by animals, positioned on top, out of harm's way. Birds cannot perch on the aluminum indicator cap. 6' Pole.  A pair of aluminum tubes 1" diameter x 3' long screw together to make a pole length of 6' which is suitable for most tanks. An additional 3' extension tube is available as an optional extra. Smooth Operation Precision Delrin guide bushes provide smooth, non-sticking, free movement of the pole. Insect Proof Close fitting bushes keep out even the most determined mosquitos. Sturdy angle braces resist wind and reduce stresses on the tank roof.