Tank Level Alarm

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Product Overview

TANK LEVEL ALARM gives a bright flashing LED and a loud buzzer if the liquid level gets too high or too low. A single gauge may be configured as a low level or high level alarm, not both. However, each individual gauge may be altered/configured to work as a low level or a high level alarm.

Prevents overfilling by sounding an alarm when liquid level changes triggers the float switch. These level alarms are very easy to install - after you snap in the battery, joust mount it on your tank. No cumbersome wiring needed.


  • Always on duty because it uses uninterruptible battery power. Battery lasts for years.
  • Loud warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Rugged. Built for rough, wet environments.
  • Reliable float switch is protected inside a pipe.
  • Safe and convenient. 9 volt battery power.
  • High level alarm or low level alarm with reversible float switch.
  • No wetted metal parts.
  • Low battery alert is built in.
  • Different behaviors built-in.

Uninterruptible battery power works through power failures, cannot come unplugged, or be defeated. And, because the Tank Alarms don't use any power until alarming, the batteries last for years.

The depth of the Tank Level Alarms is easy to adjust just by loosening the compression fitting by hand, and then sliding the level alarm to the preferred depth.

Float switch is protected inside a float guard. The float guard protects the float from all physical damage from shipping, to installation. When necessary it can be unscrewed by hand to allow inspection of the float. For tanks containing solids or debris, we offer a version of the float guard that has a screen to keep out the debris. Both of these are unique innovations of Gizmo Engineering.

Rugged weatherproof enclosure is made from PVC and is rated IP65. (NEMA4X) Suitable for outdoor service. High-visibility beacon LED is clearly visible in daylight. The buzzer produces a volume of 103dB at 2ft. This volume is comparable to a smoke alarm. Furthermore, the buzzer tone is a warbling tone which makes the apparent volume even more noticeable. This alarm will be noticed! The push button is a convenient way to test the alarm when its not actively alarming. However if the unit is in an alarm state, the push-button silences the alarm.

Different operating modes are built-in to suit your needs. Here is a list of the modes available:

  • In the default mode, the LED to continues to flash after the push button is pressed to silence the buzzer. If the alarm condition still exists after 30 minutes, the buzzer sounds again until silenced. We call this the snooze mode.
  • If preferred, the snooze alarm feature can be disabled. In this mode, pressing the button will silence the buzzer until the next alarm condition. Meanwhile the LED continues to flash.
  • Lastly, in the tank-filling mode, the push-button turns off the LED and buzzer until the next high level event. (the tank alarm resets itself automatically) This is useful when a bulk tank is being filled by a tank truck; the driver wants to know when the tank is full and then shuts off the alarm. No need to have the beacon LED flashing after that.
Includes a 2" Bulkhead Fitting for easy installation on the top of a water tank.

Installation Instructions