WISY Garden Filter

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Product Overview

WISY self-cleaning garden filter - model:GRS 
Filters 800 – 1,000 square feet
Installed in vertical metal or plastic downspouts. Filter provides overflow protection and diversion when the collection tank is full. Housing and filter insert made of stainless steel. Filter mesh size 0.44 mm (440 microns). Filter insert requires cleaning a few times a year and is dishwasher safe.
The Garden Rainwater Collector connects to a single vertical rainwater downspout and can filter precipitation from a roof area up to a 850 – 1,000 square feet for irrigation, car washing or other non-potable uses. The filter is installed above grade in the vertical rainwater down piping to direct debris to the stormwater system and divert clean rainwater to the storage tank or rain barrel. The filter also acts as a first flush device. This filter should only be used with round downspouts or with a converter kit providing at least 20” of vertical round pipe above the filter.
Parts include: housing, filter insert.

Operation & Maintenance
Installation Instructions

Note: When ordering this item, you'll need to indicate whether your 4" downspout is
1) PVC, 2) Painted PVC, or 3) Metal. This will determine the top size needed for connecting the filter to the downspout.

Optional equipment: 2″ x 3″ or 3″ x 4″ downspout converter kit, clip and wall plug for mounting, 1″ flexible outlet hose, blind insert for diversion.